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The pan and zoom feature in the Netgear Arlo cameras give you secure surveillance monitoring across your home with greater focus on the high-definition attributes of the live or recorded videos by the Arlo camera. This feature gives you clear details around your surroundings to achieve vigilant watch. To use the Pan and Zoom Live Video feature on the Arlo camera, get through the quick guide here:

  1. Gain Access to the Netgear Arlo mobile application on your device after downloading and installing it successfully. The Arlo app is an easiest and swift approach to access the Arlo camera setup page or Web GUI dashboard other than Enter the Arlo camera settings via your registered Netgear Arlo account by submitting the Netgear Arlo login account registered sign in credentials and access the settings page of the Netgear Arlo camera.
    2. Alternatively, proceed with Arlo login through a web browser on your computer or laptop by default web address for Arlo login. It is also possible to reach the arlo camera dashboard. Make use of the computer connected to the working wireless network connection.
    3. Get through from the address bar of the web browser by entering the web address in the browser for Arlo login.
    4. Fill in the required Arlo login details – which are supposedly registered email ID you entered while creating a Netgear Arlo account and Arlo login password for accomplishing Arlo login.
    5. Hit the Login tab for Arlo netgear login.
    6. You enter the web based interface of your Netgear Arlo camera.
    7. Trace the “Play” icon on the Arlo camera and press it to visualise the footage you wish to zoom and see on the recorded or live videos.

This special feature of the Arlo camera can be used either from a mobile or computer;

To use pan and zoom live video feature on the Arlo camera using a mobile device, make use of the Netgear Arlo mobile app that you have already downloaded and successfully installed on your smart phone. It omits the use of and is a swift approach for Arlo login.

Select the Play icon on Arlo camera to access the pan and zoom feature in arlo camera dashboard.

Make use of the pinch gesture to obtain zooming in and zooming out of the live video of your Netgear Arlo camera.

Touch the selected video and drag along the zoomed-in frame of the captured live or recorded Arlo camera’s video.

To use pan and zoom live video feature on the Arlo camera using a computer, you can gain access across Arlo login either via or by the way of Arlo app for desktop.

Obtain the video access by choosing the Play option followed by selecting the zoom icon for zooming in and out of the recorded or live video.

Making use of computer mouse, drag in and around the video frame for zoomed frame.

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